VAK-02 Ltd. is established as a legal successor of АК-21-Arangel Konyarski Sole Proprietor and it has more than 20-year experience and traditions in the field of construction of electric power facilities. As a result of the active and dedicated efforts of the Management the Company today is a notable leader in the field of construction of electrical facilities and supply of cables, electrical equipment and accessories.

Our main objective is to find the most proper, efficient and profitable technical and technological solutions for our clients. In this regard, we develop and improve continuously the skills and qualification of our experts. The VAK-02 Ltd team includes 130 employees- qualified and experienced engineers, economists as well as technical and installation staff.

For the purposes of improvement and control of the quality of the executed activities, safety at work and environmental protection Quality Management System ISO 9001:2017, System for Healthy and Safe Occupational Conditions OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as Environmental Control System ISO 14001:2017 have been implemented and efficiently functioning.

VAK-02 Ltd. is entered into the Central Professional Register of Builders with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber for execution of constructions as follows:

Third group: Construction of the energy infrastructure; construction of first to fifth category; Second group: Construction of transport infrastructure, constructions of third and fourth category First group: High building construction, construction of the adjacent infrastructure, electronic telecommunication networks and facilities - building facilities of second to fifth categories; Fifth group: all types of civil and installation works according to KID-2008, Construction sector

VAK-02 Ltd have a modern administrative and warehouse building in Sofia located at: 373, Okolovrusten put, including 16 000 m2 outdoor storage areas, 5 000 m2 indoor storage areas and 900 m2 office premises as well.

VAK-02 has own vehicles including 80 cars, trucks and special-purpose vehicles.

Our main areas of expertise are construction of electrical facilities and delivery of cables, electrical equipment and cable accessories.

Our long-term clients are electricity distribution companies in Bulgaria: CEZ RAZPREDELENIE BULGARIA AD, ELECTRORAZPREDELENIE SEVER EAD /ENERGO-PRO MREZHI AD/, ELEKTRORAZPREDELENIE YUG EAD /EVN Bulgaria AD/SOFIYSKA VODA AD as well as some construction and electrical installation companies.

Since the beginning of 2017 VAK-02 Ltd. has implemented a specialized ERP system for complete management of the activities related to the construction and maintenance works of the energy infrastructure. VAK 02 ERP is an Internet Based Information System, gathering business database for the purposes of analysis, planning and control of the business processes in the Company. The user interface is implemented in compliance with the new WEB design standards and allows operation of the system not only by desktop PC, but also by mobile phones and tablets. The technical implementation is in line with the stage of the art technological trends thus providing maximal security and reliability. The system is constructed individually for the needs of VAK-02 LTD and it complies with the processes and manner of operation in the Company, providing big advantage in comparison with the use of ready-made business systems. The innovative system architecture allows extension depending on the future needs and new company processes. The system monitors and controls the whole operation process from the receipt of the order, delivery of the materials, and allocation of the order to the technical managers as well as schedule and implementation terms, circulation of materials, equipment and staff. Everything we do is because of our consideration that the investment and implementation of this ERP system will improve completely our work and coordination for execution of construction of electrical facilities.

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