Construction of electrical facilities

VAK-02 Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the field of construction of electrical facilities. Our activities include:

  • Investigation and design of LV, MV and HV equipment and grids.
  • Construction and reconstruction of LV, MV and HV equipment and grids.
  • Interconnection of new users to the electricity transmission and distribution grids.
  • Consultancy services;
  • Production and installation of electric metering cubicles;
  • Construction of street and park lights.
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment;

For the implementation of quality and in time execution of these activities VAK-02 Ltd. has the needed qualified staff, technical devices and equipment. Our main objective is to find long-term technical solutions for the facilities. As a supplier of cables, electrical equipment and accessories the Company works mostly with suppliers and producers of materials of superior quality, which we then use during the execution of electrical installation activities.

Our long-term experience prove that this is the only way to provide long term and trouble-free operation of the facilities constructed and maintained by us as well as to guarantee the clients reliable and safe operation.

Since the beginning of 2017, VAK-02 Ltd. has implemented a specialized ERP system for complete management of the activities related to the construction and maintenance of the energy infrastructure. VAK 02 ERP is an Internet Based Information System, gathering business database for the purposes of analysis, planning and control of the business processes in the Company. The user interface is implemented in compliance with the new WEB design standards and allows operation of the system not only by desktop PC, but also by mobile phones and tablets. The technical implementation is in line with the last technological trends thus providing maximal security and reliability. The system is tailor made for the needs of VAK-02 Ltd. and it complies with the processes and manner of operation in the company, providing big advantage in comparison with the use of ready-made business systems. The innovative system architecture allows extension depending on the future needs and new company processes. The system monitors and controls the whole operation process from the receipt of the order, delivery of the materials, allocation of the order to the technical managers, schedule and implementation terms, circulation of materials, equipment and staff. We make these efforts because our consideration is that the investment and implementation of this ERP system will improve completely our work and coordination for execution of construction of electrical facilities.